Planning a corporate lunch for your business meeting or event? Whether you’re entertaining an important client, hosting a networking conference or throwing a party for your hard-working staff, here are a few corporate catering ideas to get you ready for your next business lunch.

Three-Course Meal

If you want to impress a special client or reward your staff for their hard work, a three or four-course sit-down meal is a popular choice. A formal fine-dining experience is a real treat for everyone at the table, and you have the opportunity to really ‘wow’ your guests with high-quality food and drinks. You can choose a lunch menu to suit your event or meeting and cater for any special dietary requirements as required – why not find out what your client’s favourite food is and include it somewhere in the meal. Wine and beering pairing is also a nice touch. Although this option requires the set up of suitable tables and chairs at your chosen venue, take the opportunity to dress the tables to reflect your brand or event theme and create a seating plan to ensure the right people sit together. 


Bowl Food

Since being served at Harry and Megan’s Royal Wedding, Bowl Food has fast become a popular catering option. But Bowl Food needn’t be confined to weddings; it’s an excellent choice for many kinds of events including family parties, staff conferences and business lunch meetings. Small portions of tasty dishes such as chilli con carne, curry or risotto, served in a bowl, Bowl Food is unfussy and flexible and can be served quickly. It can also be enjoyed standing up or when perching on a seat, without a table – all you need is a fork. This allows your guests to continue chatting and networking during lunch and removes the need for a formal sit down room set-up. Bowl Food is super filling too, so everyone will be able to work through the afternoon with full attention. Special diets are easily be catered for too. 

Bowl Food - Corporate Catering - Full Flavour Events - Bath

Buffets and Grazing Tables

Buffets and Grazing Tables are a brilliant way of catering for lots of different tastes and dietary requirements. Simply provide a varied spread of delicious food that your guests can pick and choose from depending on what they like and how much they want to eat. Buffets don’t need to be boring either, get creative and serve a selection of plates that look colourful and taste incredible. Whether you pick a food style such as Italian, with cured meats, olives and rustic bread, or create a theme such as Afternoon English Tea, with bite-size sandwiches and fairy cakes, a buffet can be completely tailored to suit the style of your corporate event. Buffets and Grazing Tables also create a more relaxed and informal dining experience that encourages your guests, whether they be delegates, staff or clients, to mingle and interact. 

Buffet Food - Corporate Catering - Full Flavour Events - Bath

Sharing Platters

If networking is a key aim of your business event, sharing platters are great for breaking the ice and getting conversations started. With a large plate of delicious food in the middle of the table to share, your guests will soon be chatting with each other and interacting. Sharing platters also give you the opportunity to get creative, so if you have a specific theme for your business event, you can tailor the choice of flavours to suit, and create a striking centre-piece for the table. Furthermore, Sharing Platters can be simple to produce, cutting down preparation and serving time. Some of our more popular sharing platter menus include Antipasto Italian, BBQ Feasts and Towering Cheese Boards, but the choice of styles and flavours is endless. 

Antipasto Platter - Sharing Platter Catering - Full Flavour Events - Bath


Whether you need a formal dining experience or want to encourage your guests to chat and mingle, we can find a corporate catering style to suit you. We can provide corporate catering in Bath, Bristol and Cardiff as well as across the wider Gloucester, Somerset and Dorset areas. We are dedicated to using fresh and locally sourced produce for maximum flavour and will work with you to create a unique and bespoke menu to suit your business event. 

If you would like to know more about our Corporate Catering services or would like to discuss some ideas for your next business lunch, we’d love to hear from you. Call us on 01225 667818 or email to find out more.