Bowl Food is becoming an ever more popular catering choice for events and weddings. Made famous by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, this simple food option is loved for its unfussy and flexible nature. Bowl Food gives you countless options to make your event or wedding reception personal and is always popular with guests. Here we give you a few reasons why Bowl Food is such a great choice…

What is Bowl Food?

Bowl food is exactly as it sounds – small portions of your favourite dishes served in a bowl with a fork. From mini portions of chilli con carne or pie and mash to exotic currys or butternut squash risotto, Bowl Food can be pretty much anything you like. The idea is that you can eat the food with one hand whilst standing or perching somewhere, without needing a table. Offer a variety of different flavours so that guests can pick and mix a few of the options available – a bit like canapes but with a bit more substance so that your guests will have the energy to keep dancing till dawn!

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1. Relaxed Dining

The beauty of Bowl Food is that guests can socialise and mingle whilst dining. This makes for a much more relaxed and informal event or wedding reception compared with a formal sit down meal. Avoid the stress of a seating plan and allow guests to hang out with whoever they wish. This unusual format of dining can be a great conversation starter too, enabling guests to get to know each other without any awkward small talk.

2. Cater for different tastes and diets

One big challenge of event catering is finding a menu that is suitable to all of your guests’ special dietary requirements. Whether you need dairy free, vegan or gluten free, Bowl Food gives you the flexibility to serve dishes that cater for everyone’s tastes, as well as give them a variety of flavours to choose from.

3. Get creative

Bowl Food allows you to pick a few different dishes giving you the freedom to incorporate some fun and quirky food into your event. Create a menu that reflects the theme of the event – perhaps flavours from around the world or places you have fond memories of, or seasonal dishes to suit the time of year; the possibilities are endless!

4. Cost Effective

The preparation and serving requirements are typically less demanding than that a formal sit down meal which can make Bowl Food a less costly affair. Depending on the menu you select and the ingredients used, Bowl Food can look and taste incredible without the expense of oodles of catering and waiting staff.

5. Good enough for a Royal Wedding

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sparked off the trend when they served Bowl Food at their lunchtime wedding reception. Their Bowl Food menu included well loved comfort foods such as pea and mint risotto, slow cooked pork belly with crackling and a fricassee of chicken with mushroom and leeks – filling and delicious!


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