Did someone say Christmas? Surely not…not yet?!  

Well yes, yes it is!! It’s time to dig out your Christmas jumper and get ready for the biggest party season of the year. Get into the festive spirit and invite friends and family over for some tasty grub and enjoy some good old fashioned party fun in the weeks leading up to Christmas. But what about the stress of planning a menu, the shopping and cooking a fabulous meal, as well as playing the perfect party host? Well, it really needn’t be a strain. Here at Full Flavour we can handle everything for you so that all you have to do is meet and greet, sip champagne and take credit for all of our hard work! Here’s how our private chef and home dining service can provide you and your friends with a magical Christmas dinner party to remember…

Christmas Dinner Party Catering - Full Flavour Events - Bath

Enjoy First Class Food

Forget hours labouring over a hot stove – hiring a private chef for your Christmas Dinner Party will ensure that you and your guests can enjoy an outstanding festive feast without the hassle of cooking it yourself. Our head chef, Tim Collins, is a dab hand at creating delicious food that is sure to impress. Having worked in top London restaurants as well as in the event catering business, Tim knows how to tickle your tastebuds and wow your guests with his exceptional culinary skills.

Cater for All With a Bespoke Menu

All of our private dining menus are bespoke and can be tailored specifically to your individual tastes. Whatever your favourite type of food is, we can work with you to create the perfect three or four course dinner party menu that will satisfy all of your guests. We can, of course, also cater for any special dietary requirements. So, whether your guests want gluten free treats or something without diary, we’ll make sure the food is suitable for everyone to enjoy.

Use Fresh Produce Delivered to Your Door

Avoid the supermarket battleground and wait for the food and drinks to come to you – at your convenience. Here at Full Flavour we pride ourselves on always using fresh, high quality ingredients. This ensures that your dinner party food will not only taste incredible, it will look amazing too. We also try and use local produce wherever possible to ensure the quality is at its best and that the food is as fresh as it can be.

Brush Up On Your Wine Tasting Skills

Make your dinner extra special and delight your guests with appetizing wines that match your bespoke menu perfectly. This will really enhance the flavours of the meal and provide an interesting talking point in between courses. Plus, you don’t even need to be a connoisseur to appear an expert – your private chef will do it all for you.

Table Service Without Lifting a Finger

Sit back and relax whilst our professional waiting staff attend to you and your guests throughout the evening. From laying the table and serving the food, to opening another bottle of champagne and topping up the glasses, we’ll take care of it all. This means you can focus on socialising and enjoying the dinner without the bother of the usual party host duties. Furthermore, when everyone has left, full to the brim of delicious food and drink, you don’t even have to face a pile of washing up – we’ll do that for you too!

Christmas Dinner Party - Full Flavour Events - Bath

Find Out More

These are just a few of the ways in which hiring a private chef for your Christmas Dinner Party can alleviate you from the stresses and strains of hosting a festive celebration this year. If you fancy enjoying all of the glory of a successful party host without any of the hassle, contact us at Full Flavour to discuss your ideas. We’ll work with you to create a bespoke menu and service that will allow you to entertain your guests with style and finesse this Christmas.

Call us on 01225 667818 or email info@fullflavourevents.co.uk to find out more. December is booking up fast so contact us soon to reserve your prefered date.