Planning the food for your wedding can be lots of fun and your grand finale, aka the wedding reception, is one aspect certainly not to be overlooked. From selecting the best flavours and ingredients to creating the perfect eye catching presentation, the food you serve has an important part to play. Here at Full Flavour Events we believe in using fresh, seasonal and local produce wherever possible and always make sure your wedding food has that special ‘wow’ factor. Here are just a few evening wedding food ideas to whet your appetite…

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If a light bite is what you are looking for, canapés are a fantastic way to treat your evening guests on arrival at your wedding reception. The original form of a canapé used to consist of a small piece of bread, toast, pastry or cracker with a simple topping. Today, though, canapés have elaborately evolved from a simple, practical food to become creative little masterpieces, using a diverse mix of foods, flavours and embellishment. So, whatever the theme of your wedding, experiment with new ideas to create canapés that not only taste incredible, but add charm and magic to your wedding reception. Good quality ingredients are key, and by using fresh, locally sourced produce, your wedding guests will enjoy incredible bursts of flavour with every fabulous bite sized piece.

Blowtorched salmon, pickled cucumber, dill yoghurt, lemon Canapes - Event Catering Bath - Full Flavour Events

Street Food and BBQs

Bring alive the vibrant colours, delicious flavours and aromatic smells of market stall foods with a selection of heavenly, freshly prepared street food. Simple yet tasty food that is ready to eat, street food can be enjoyed sat around a table or standing at a bar and will keep hungry wedding guests dancing till dawn. With influences from all over the world, there are many different types of street food to choose from, including Thai, Moroccan, American, British and Mexican to name but a few, so you can tailor the menu to your individual tastes or wedding theme. Refined barbeque food is also a crowd pleaser at summer weddings, with delicious grilled meats, fish and vegetables accompanied by an array of contemporary salads and homemade dressings.

Tacos - Wedding Street Food - Full Flavour Events - Bath

Sweet Treats and Cheeses

We enjoy creating new and unique desserts that are designed to impress, and no wedding is complete without some sweet treats! Aside from a slice of your magnificent wedding cake, evening guests will love a good selection of desserts to keep hunger at bay during the evening celebrations. Donuts and cupcakes have been very fashionable over the past few years, but there are endless possibilities when it comes to good puds. So, let your imagination run wild and put on a dessert bar that is in keeping with your wedding theme and uses the best fresh produce available. If sweet things aren’t to your taste, why not opt for an enticing selection of local cheeses with homemade breads, seasonal fresh fruits and artisan chutneys; your guests will be delighted with this posh alternative to the standard buffet spread.

Canapes Deserts - Wedding Catering - Full Flavour Events

Find Out More

These are just a few ideas of the kind of foods you could serve at the end of your big day – the possibilities are endless! If these evening wedding food ideas have inspired you, or you have other ideas of your own that you would like to explore, we’d love to help you to create something special for your wedding day. All of our wedding catering is bespoke and specially created just for you, so tell us what foody delights you would like and we’ll work with you to create a unique menu that will complement your wedding theme and keep your guests happy all day long. Call us on 01225 667818 or email to find out more.