As the new year is now fully underway, we take a look at what the big food trends are likely to be for 2018. There many predictions and rumours about what foods will be top of the hot-list for the year ahead, but here we pick a few of our favourites. At Full Flavour Events we are always experimenting with new ingredients and recipes and we’ll certainly be trying out some these fabulous food trends over the coming months…

Japanese Dude Food

Delicate dishes such as miso and noodle soup are taking a backseat this year to make way for Japanese Dude Food. Think Wagyu beef burgers piled high with all of the trimmings, yakitori meat skewers and deep-fried tofu. This new food trend sees Japanese flavours come together with the traditional comfort food of Southern USA. Served as a selection of small sharing plates, Japanese Dude Food has been inspired by traditional Japanese Izakaya bars – places to escape the pressures of work and enjoy tasty tapas-style food with a good refreshing beer – what’s not to love?!

Japanese Dude Food - Food Trends 2018 - Full Flavour Events - Catering Bath

Indian Street Food

Street food continues to be a hot food trend for 2018, especially that of the Indian variety. Taking influence from more fragrant Indian fare, heavy creamy curries are replaced with lighter recipes including scallops in pickled ginger, mini potato patties (vada pav), nanns with grilled meats, chickpeas and salsa, and deep fried puri bread with chutney. With its origins on the streets of India, the food is simple to prepare and ‘one pan’ cooking is encouraged to build up multiple layers of spice and flavour.

Indian Street Food - Full Flavour Events - Bath


No longer just for dedicated animal lovers, Veganism has gone mainstream. We are all starting to appreciate the joy and health benefits of meat-free food and chefs are creating incredible feasts of vegan dishes that not only look beautiful, but taste fantastic too. From meat-free burgers and non-dairy milks, to cauliflower rice and sorghum popcorn, vegan foods will be ever more prominent in 2018. Look out for vegan friendly options on restaurant menus and discover a new world of gourmet delights.

Vegan Food Trends - Full Flavour Events - Event Catering - Bath

English Puds

This will be a firm favourite amongst all dessert lovers – traditional English puddings are making a comeback. This year you’ll see your favourite British puds appearing everywhere – on local market stalls, in artisan cafes and at trendy restaurants. These lavish, nostalgic treats will take you back to wonderful memories of childhood and yesteryear. Take your pick from sticky toffee pudding, apple pie, banana bread, waffles or custard donuts, and savour the magnificence of these classic sweet treats.

Plum Pie - Food Trends 2018 - Full Flavour Event Catering - Bath

Local Produce

The ever growing enthusiasm for local and sustainable produce continues into 2018. With food waste, animal welfare and plastic packaging being top concerns, we are seeing an increase in popularity towards buying locally sourced foods. Here at Full Flavour Events we always strive to use local and seasonal produce – not only is this a sustainable way of eating, the quality of the food is often superior and the flavours more intense. Or, if you can’t easily buy local produce, why not try your hand at countryside foraging. There is an abundance of delicious foods to be found in hedgerows, trees and mossy verges – open up nature’s natural larder and embrace this green foodie trend for 2018.

Local Produce - Food Trends 2018 - Full Flavour Event Catering 2018

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If you want to incorporate any of these new food fads into your event this year, give us a call to discuss your ideas. We are experts in street food catering and can provide full vegan spreads. We source most of our produce from local traders and we love a good english pud! So, whichever trend you fancy, we can create a bespoke menu just for you.

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