Here at Full Flavour Events, we believe that using fresh, locally sourced produce is essential for creating delicious dishes that you and your guests will love! That’s why we work closely with local suppliers in the South West to ensure that our ingredients are sourced as close to your wedding or event as possible and are in keeping with the seasons.

Read on to meet some of our favourite local suppliers and learn about their fantastic produce.

Walter Rose & Sons Butchers

We source our meat and poultry from Jack and Charlie Cook at Walter Rose & Sons Butchers in Devizes, Wiltshire. Established by their great-grandfather in 1847, the brothers are passionate about sustainability, and their ‘Farm to Fork’ pledge ensures they bear minimal impact on our local environments. Combining modern farming methods with traditional British breeds, Walter Rose & Sons works with local farms across Wiltshire and Somerset to ensure their meat is of the best quality possible, and is cut fresh to order, so you can rest assured that we’ll serve deliciously tender meat dishes at your event every time!

Walter Rose & Son Butchers

Somerset Charcuterie

Somerset Charcuterie was an idea brewed over a pint of cider at a local lawn-mower race in 2014. Founders Andy and James produce award-winning pokers, chorizo, salami, and cured meats using local ingredients from Somerset, including local wild venison, local free range duck, grass fed beef and lamb. Everything is handmade using traditional Spanish, French and Italian methods but with a British twist to preserve the artisan texture and flavours. We love using products from Somerset Charcuterie for our sharing platters and private dining events – they are guaranteed to please!

The Somerset Charcuterie Team

Fresh Fish – Wing of St Mawes

Wing of St. Mawes is a leading supplier of top-grade fresh fish and shellfish based in Cornwall. With almost 40 years of experience, they have built a reputation for excellent service and produce. They take great pride in their commitment to sustainable sourcing, and only deliver only the very best seafood from South West. Their state-of-the-art premises in the heart of Cornwall also enables them to operate efficiently and ensure timely delivery of fresh fish to our kitchens in Bath.

Wing of St Mawes Cornish Fishmonger

Bath Harvest

If you want a top-quality oil that is locally grown and incredibly delicious, look no further than Bath Harvest Rapeseed Oil. This multi-award-winning golden nectar is made from cold-pressed seeds grown on Wilmington Farm just outside of Bath. The oil is a joy to cook with, and the mild nutty flavour makes it perfect for salad dressings. Plus, rapeseed oil is a healthy alternative to olive oil – it is packed with vitamin E and Omega 3 – what’s not to love?!

Bath Harvest Oil

The Bath Soft Cheese Co

The Padfield family have milked their herd of Shorthorn cows at Park Farm for four generations. Following in the footsteps of his grandparents, Graham Padfield produces award-winning cheeses using old-fashioned manual methods for extra flavour. Plus, the cows are milked less than 50 yards away from his production facility. The Bath Soft Cheese Co is renowned for its Bath Soft, a soft square cheese which boasts delicious flavours of mushroom and lemon. We are also fond of the Wyfe of Bath, which has sweet, nutty taste, and the Bath Blue which won the World Cheese Awards 2014-15. Look out for these on our grazing cheese boards and canapés!

Dole food service (Bristol fruit market)

We believe that fruit and vegetables don’t have to hide in the background and can take centre stage if they are super fresh and high quality. That’s why we source our fruit and veg from Bristol’s Fruit Market via Dole Foodservice. Partnering with some of the best growers in the South West including Oakchurch Farm, Cotteswold Dairy, Paget’s of Bromham, and Valefresco, Dole supplies us with produce with heaps of flavour, allowing us to create delicious plant-based dishes for you and your guests to enjoy!

Find Out More

We offer event catering services in Bath, Bristol, and nearby regions, and source our ingredients from a variety of top-notch suppliers in South West England. If you’re interested in learning more about our event catering ingredients and their origin, please don’t hesitate to contact our head chef, Tim.